HS Timings Christmas Week Updated

I just noticed the timings for Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam and Fantasmic have been updated for the Christmas weeks.

Starting Dec 18th through to 31st the timings are 8pm Fantasmic, 9pm JBJB, 9.30 Fantasmic.

So ,it will be possible to see F! And the fireworks the same night. It will make the early showing packed, as people try to do both. And you may not get ideal view points to see all the projections, but at least you have the option.

EMH hours updated too.

Similarly timings are updated for other parks, like Wishes, but not complete. They’re still showing 9am open for most days, and have cut evening hours on our last night for EMH at MK :cry:. I’m hoping for further updates to park hours, and still waiting for NY updates.

Desert party has been added for every night from 17th Nov through 31st Dec.

I’m waiting for the Star Wars dates in early Jan. Hoping it will be back for 3rd or 4th.

Well … phooey. Dec 16 is still JBJB at 7:45 and F! at 8:00
What kind of crazy is that?
I’m still hanging onto both F! dinner package and JBJB dessert party, with a just-in-case extra ADR for HBD … to see if sanity prevails and there is some way we will be able to do both.

Come ON, Disney, get it together!!