HS tiers after SWGE opens

With TSL, all of those attractions become tier 1. Any speculation for what will happen after Star Wars opens? There’s 2 key attractions, right? Will we have to pick just one between Star Wars and Toy Story? Maybe 2? Maybe just SDD and millennium falcon are tier 1?

If I had to guess, I’d say both new SW attractions will be tier 1, and probably SDD too. Possibly TSM as well. I can’t see AS2 remaining in tier 1.

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Sounds as reasonable as any guess I’ve read. There are some on other forums that are predicting that SWGE rides may actually become a tier all there own. The most cynical are predicting that for at least the first few months, SWGE will available only via up-charge ticketed “events”…

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I’m so excited to see how hilariously expensive the hotel is going to be.


I’m in the middle group!

I’m quite sure there will be upcharge events available, which will be almost impossible to book.

And I think Galaxy Edge will essentially only be accessible to anyone who has an FP for one of the rides. In that the queue to get into the land will be around 5-6 hours, and then there will a line for each ride. Those with FPs will be allowed into the land say an hour before their FP time.

We may get an idea of how Disney decide to handle it from Disneyland, which will open a few months earlier. However I don’t think that will in any way lessen the hype around WDW - anything but!

I doubt the resort is going to be ready in time for the opening. There’s hydro seeding happening now, so construction hasn’t even started. And even once they’ve got the building done, there’s a ton of interactive stuff and theming to do.

And sadly, the budget for the land itself is getting “trimmed”. For example, the entrance from TSL was going to be a tunnel; now it’s just a curvy path. Because Anaheim doesn’t want a roof on it, so WDW doesn’t get one either. :frowning_face:

There are also some doubts surfacing over just how much interactive stuff there will be in the land, at least at the beginning. It might be most of it will only be for the resort guests, or it might be added later.


My guess will be Star Wars tier 1 and all the rest tier 2, like AK and the Pandora attractions. But who knows. Disney is unpredictable.

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Don’t forget the Mickey and Minnie Railroad ride too!

My guess is Star Wars is tier 1, everything else is tier 2. That way at least most people can get one of the new rides even if not SW.

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I actually think DL SWGE will help with DW. My DH is a Star Wars geek, although not one of those intense types. He says that those that are the “true” Star Wars fans who will want to be in DL to be the first of the first into the land of their dreams. These guys/girls have been waiting for decades for this. They aren’t going to wait until DW is completed. Now that is not to say that DW SWGE will not be crazy packed. I just think that DL will help some. We plan on going in May 2020, hopefully. My plan is to try for FPs at HS our very last park day. If not, oh well, we will come back another year and try it.


You’ll be able to get Fast Passes to join the queue for the Fast Pass line in the park, which will be the only way to get Fast Passes to go on the rides themselves. The join-the-queue Fast Passes will be available to anyone who’s got 60+14 days access to FPPs. Everyone else will be put on a waitlist of around three to five years.

The new status symbol won’t be Club 33. It’ll be having been on one of the rides.

The hotel will start at $500 per person, per night — for restricted view, no talking, in bed by 9.30pm.


I don’t know. $500 per person, per night, seems low. I’m guessing it’ll be 4 figures, with 1-3 night “experiences” available.


I think the figure being bandied about was $2K per person for a 2 night “cruise” experience for up to 2 people, and $1K for the 3rd and 4th person in a room.

So a family of 4 would pay $6K for the 2 night experience.

Those figures are speculative. That was just from surveys of “if it was $x pppn, would you stay there” type questions.

Each stay will be a fixed length, but there could be different ones available.

So they could, for example, do a 3 night full LARP type event checking in on a Thursday, and a more family friendly/casual type event checking in on a Monday.


I wonder if they’d ever consider a 3 tier system at HS. 1 from Star Wars, 1 from TSL, and 1 from everywhere else. Some people are going to have some even tougher choices than now. Which just got tougher after TSL. Actually for us, they’re easier. We hated picking between TSMM and RnRC

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