HS strategy on 12/29 and 01/01

Disney just announced that now on site guests can enter an hour early, and MMRR is now included in Genie+. Help me strategize best plan for my family please!

We have a half day in HS on 12/29 before we want to hop to Epcot at some point to try the festival of the holiday foods and see Harmonious. Current reservations for 12/29: Ogas at 12 (we want the kids to see Ogas in the daylight before going for our park closure reservation on 01/01) and H&V Minnies Seasonal Lunch at 1:15 PM.

We will have a second, full HS day on January 1st. We have reservations on that day for Sci Fi at 1:00 PM, Droids at 4 PM, Lightsabers at 6 PM, and Ogas at 9:50 PM. We had planned to sleep in after being at Epcot for NYE and fireworks. We may leave Epcot early on NYE (staying at the Dolphin so can walk) and do early morning hours on the 1st.

DH - loves star wars, wants to hit ROTR and MFSR
Me - loves slinky and wants to do MMRR which we missed our last trip
DS6 - loves slinky, and wants to try ROTR and MFSR since he was a little too scared our last trip
DS3 - not tall enough for slinky or MFSR. Wants to AS2 and TSM, and MMRR

We will buy ROTR each day we are there as well as Genie+.
For 12/29 - what do we rope drop, what do we get Genie+ for first, and what do we wait in line for?

For 01/01 - should we skip Epcot fireworks the night before we can do early entry? I’m the only one in my family that really loves fireworks so if we bail, is there a spot at the Dolphin I can watch by myself while DH stays in the room with the sleeping children? Also - we will be at MK the night before for those fireworks, and have a dessert party on 12/28. I’m pretty sure I talked myself into leaving early on NYE, but let me know if this is the right choice.

Thanks for any feedback!

Sounds like it will be a fun trip! Since you are there only for the morning of 12/29, if you get a LL for SDD it might be later in the day. I would rope drop MMRR, get your 7:00 am Genie LL for MFSR and like you said purchase RotR. Then when it’s time for another LL try to get Alien Swirling Saucers or Toy Story Mania. On January 1st, will you be up at 7:00 am? If so get SDD LL. If you think you won’t be up at 7:00, then try to get it on 7:00 am on the 29th. Since you will be at HS later in the day on the first, if you get a later return time for SDD that will be ok. Assuming you get LL for SDD on the 1st and you aren’t going to Rope drop that day, then when you can get another LL, get one of the other Toy Story rides (whichever one you didn’t get on the 29th). Those are just my thoughts!

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DH and I will be up at 7 AM to reserve Genie selections.

Great feedback, thank you!