HS Star Wars: Galaxy Far, Far Away cancelled

I heard this was cancelled Starting Oct. 1st 2018
Does anybody know if this will affect Jedi Training or the First Order March, after Oct. 1st as well??
Or are these still on?


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It’s supposed to be down for only 5 weeks (concrete work in main stage area).

I am also trying to find info on the March, without any success for now.

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Should not affect Jedi Training. Completely different stage.

Yeah Jedi Training definitely still on.

I would love to agree with you both.
But if you go here

And put in any date after Sept. 29th, it says ‘No performance today’ ?
Is this normal ??

Same thing with ‘March of the First Order’

This show isn’t cancelled permanently. It’s to allow work to be done on the concrete.

Spectacularly bad timing, mind you.

I’ve just posted an update in my thread about the March. Reduced in numbers, not cancelled. Unofficial.

The Jedi Training is worrying me right now though. Can’t find anything but the DW website calendar scares me although it wouldn’t be the first time if it was wrong…