HS Rope Drop TSL question

We are going to Disney in early-mid May and planned on doing HS in one day (2 adults, DD10, DS3). We have fastpasses for SDD (3pm), ToT (10:30) and RRC (11:30). My plan was to rope drop TSL to ride TSM and ASS, and hoping to meet Woody, Buzz and Jessie while there. Projected CL is 5 for HS this day (CL 7 for Disney overall). TP doesn’t have any option to meet the TSL characters (and the internet is somewhat vague as to where they are located or how long waits typically are).

To keep the wait time as low as possible, I have TSM, ASS and then meeting the characters planned (in that order) with hopes of getting all of that done by 10:30 or so. Does this seem doable? Would this be the best course of action or would you suggest a different approach? Thanks in advance!

The character meetings can back up really quickly in morning per my memory. I never stood in line but I remember stumbling across the Buzz line looking 50 people deep at 8:40am.
However, TSMM will start building a line as will A2S so I feel like it’s a toss up as to what you visit first.

I plan on doing the same thing as you - TSM, AS, characters. It seems like no matter what you choose first, we’re going to have to wait for SOMETHING. So, interested in what others say :slight_smile:

Same question here! But i am also wondering what waits are like in the evenings for the M&G.

I have a similar post out there. Consensus is actually do AS2 first that’s walk on first thing but then builds quickly. It’s also not worth waiting long. Probably a toss up what to do next, however, TSM is indoors and interactive so it’s not a bad wait. You may want to prioritize though. If you need to cut something out, do that last. I’m personally doing AS2, TSM then characters if time.