HS rope drop plan- ToT or RnR

Hey all! We’ve been watching the apps the past few days to get a feel for how lines jump up throughout the day- esp after rope drop. We have a DAS pass for our middle DD so that factors into how we are planning. We intend to RD either ToT or RnR on our HS day ( we will DAS ROTR as soon as we can knowing we will have a long wait). Starting on the right side of the park ( on the map) do you go to RnR or ToT first? Why? Also please note for RnR we have to use rider switch bc our DS is too small. Which btw- I think would kinda suck to start out a park day sitting out of a ride but that’s just me. Considered taking him on the cars ride while we wait but I heard it was not good and i do not think it’s open during EPE. Ok- so with all of that - RD ToT or RNR- go!!! And any two cent on the cars ride too!

At HS, the only Cars related thing I can think of is a show, not a ride. Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy is a short show that happens every 10 minutes. It’s aimed at young children. You enter the room, sit on benches, and watch the show.

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If you want to do ToT standby you must be in line right away. Only one side is running and the line goes immediately to 60 minutes (real wait time).

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TOT definitely. We did that on Saturday and then went to RNR where the wait was 5 minutes. The posted wait for TOT when we got off the ride was 50 minutes. And that was before regular opening still.

This really makes me sad and angry to hear. With the world of FPP+ we were able to get on and off this ride as many times as our bodies could take it with little to no wait. This is one of our favorite rides and just riding once doesn’t cut it in our book. As much as we pay for tickets and resorts it is a shame that Disney thinks riding something once per day is “good enough”. Even the paid Genie+ service you only get 1 pass for a ride. I know we were spoiled but that was part of the magic and fun.