HS Question - Working in Jedi

Basics of our trip: October 7-14th. Planning only Tuesday at HS but will have a park hopper if we need to return later. Myself, DH, DS (8) and DD (2) and we are on the dining plan.

While I understand a lot of people don’t necessarily think this park is a full day park, I’ve had trouble fitting everything into our plan. We are thrill ride lovers, DH and DS are Star Wars fans, and DD is a princess fan, so basically, we’re trying to do almost everything. I’ve actually considered splitting up some that day so the boys can do Star Wars Launch while DD and I do Little Mermaid, Frozen, etc.

DS (8) is going to want to do Jedi Training. Original plans (before I learned about Jedi) was to get a FPP for Rock N Roller Coaster and do TSMM at rope drop. Here’s my questions:

  1. Will the line at TSMM be crazy if we head straight for Jedi at rope drop and THEN go to TSMM?
  2. I had planned on doing H&V for dinner and trying to get the Fantasmic package. Is that package really worth it or would we be better off to switch to pre-park opening breakfast and try to register first (I think I read that you can do that)? I’m not set on either one. We’ve eaten there before and thought the food was ok. DD kind of like Doc McStuffins, but not a huge Disney fan. She is a huge Minnie fan, but we will be seeing her elsewhere as well.

Any other suggestions for making this work without having a terrible line for TSMM later? We’ve been twice since TSMM opened and have never gotten to ride because the line was always crazy.

And a side question - I’ve read somewhere that there’s a certain sign-up line to get in so that they fight Darth. If that’s true, anyone know which line that is?

Edited to add: Our current park days are tentatively laid out as follows:

Saturday afternoon - Epcot - Future World
Sunday - AK (breakfast at Tusker House)
Monday - MK (leave early due to Halloween party) (dinner at BOG)
Tuesday - HS (dinner/breakfast in question above, tentatively plan dinner w Fantasmic Package for H&V)
Wednesday - Epcot (WS), dinner at Teppan Edo followed by Wishes at MK
Thursday - MK for a little over 1/2 day, breakfast at BOG, dinner at Whispering Canyon
Friday - breakfast at Askherhus (sp?), dinner at Ohana…haven’t decided what to do in between yet.

If you do pre RD breakfast at H&V you will get to sign up for the Jedi training before breakfast without waiting in line. You can eat breakfast and then head over to TSMM. We did the Jedi training this past Feb and this is the plan we used. There was no special sign up line to fight Darth Vader. My children did get to fight Darth but I think it was just random based off of the line they put them in when you show up for the actual training.

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I loved not having to line up early for Fantasmic by doing the dining package. However the latest you can book it is usually around 4:30 to 5pm, depending on which restaurant you choose.

We have the same dilemma for our trip in September. And it’s funny because we’ve been to HS twice and have never made it to TSMM due to lines!
Wasn’t planning on pre-rope drop breakfast (Fantasmic dinner instead) but looks like we might have to after all to fit in Jedi Academy and headliners. :unamused:

What time does the Jedi sign up table open? If I have an 8:00 AM breakfast reservation, can I sign up at 7:45 AM before breakfast?

You can sign up as soon as they start letting people in the park for breakfast reservations. The day I was there they let us in around 7:50. Even if they don’t let you in until 8:00 they are fully aware of your 8:00 AM reservation and will hold it for you. You can go straight and sign up for the Jedi training and then go right over to breakfast. It is nice because where you sign up is right by H&V. It only took us a few minutes to sign up.

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Thanks! I also read somewhere that they give you a fast pass for signing up. Is that true? Or does that only happen sometimes?

You are welcome! I also read that but we did not get fast passes for signing up. So it seems like it could be random.

Sounds like we had identical plans, just a month apart!

Yup. We’ll let you know how it goes!

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I’m with others: If you want TSMM at RD, you should do pre-RD ADR and sign up for Jedi prior to breakfast. Only way to reliably make that series of events work out. Be in line by around 7:35 to get in 7:45-7:55, sign up takes 2 minutes, then you’ll get an early breakfast seating. Can be exhausting to commit to an ADR every day on the dining plan, so having a breakfast ADR followed by a Fantasmic dining package for supper is a great use of two credits. Of your plan, I’d drop Teppan Edo (may feel like a chase to get from Epcot to MK for Wishes) or WCC (depending on where you’re staying, it’s a bit out of the way).

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