HS Pixar Place / Cruz Ramirez HELP PLEASE

I’m having the hardest time getting an answer to this, even after talking with several cast members – can you still see / get a picture with Cruz Ramirez at HS Pixar Place?

“Meet Cruz” disappeared from the MDE app after Toy Story Land opened. So does that mean that the car itself is also gone? Is it out anywhere where we could get a picture? Or is it totally off exhibit?

Thanks so much for any DEFINITIVE answers on this!

It took me a while to find it but I think the new area is not open yet:

Cruz Ramirez used to be parked in the main Pixar Place area, further down the way from the old Toy Story Mania entrance. Now that they have shifted TSM to enter through TSL, I suspect that the whole of the old Pixar Place has been walled off, and therefore Cruz is not meeting.

I know this isn’t a definitive answer, but I hope it will give some context.

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There is a mention in this update about 1/3 of the way down that cruz ramirez is no longer meeting with guests.

Thanks for this. Disappointed but I’m glad to have an answer.

Thanks. I saw that this was coming but was hoping Cruz might still be available to see before it opens. I wonder how “early” in 2019 it will open? Thanks again.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Now the question is, do we postpone our trip until “early 2019” so that we can see the new show and Cruz? My kids love Cars. I wonder how “early” in 2019 it will open…

More reason to plan a return trip!

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