HS or Epcot crowd levels

OK, this may sound a bit trivial, but trying to get the most out of a boys only trip with my two teenagers. Unfortunately we are staying offsite at Bonnett Creek, which we haven’t done in forever, so no emh.

Which park is better to follow the lower crowd listings, Epcot or HS? They are both 7s on Wednesday, May 30, and 8s on Thursday June 31st, however Epcot has emh on Wednesday… or does it really matter??


If you can’t use EMH, avoid that park. You’ll be behind thousands of resort guests that can use EMH privileges.

I agree with TwoBits - don’t go to Epcot on Thursday the 31st because of the early extra magic hour (unless you want to come say hello to me & my family because we will be there- LOL) I would never go to a park in the AM that offers extra morning magic hours unless I could use them myself.

Thanks for the advice TwoBits and joehauer! I think I’ll swap them. As this trip gets closer, it’s killing me (well, my kids) to not be on property … and knock out the emh.
Enjoy your trip!