HS on Sunday or Wednesday

Oh wise liner friends I need your advice. I am going round and round on trying to figure out if it is smart to put HS on Sunday (Dec 6) or Wednesday (Dec 9)? I can see the logic both ways. If HS is always filling to capacity anyway then a Sunday doesn’t matter. However, if I go by Thrill-Data for the last few weeks (I am not including Aug because that data seems to be of no use now with current crowds) it looks like Wednesday slightly beats out Sunday except for the evening times. I would probably do AK on Sunday if I move HS to Wednesday. I am doing EP on Monday and MK on Tuesday.

Thanks so much in advance for any wisdom you can give me.

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Those with APs are most likely able to come only in evenings on weekdays, but all day on weekends. So even though the same number of park passes are available, the actual number of people in the parks at any given time (particularly during the morning and afternoon) would be less on a weekday.


I agree with @ryan1. It appears to be best to avoid HS on weekends right now.

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Thanks for the replies. Between a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday does it seem to matter?

Traditionally, Tuesdays & Thursdays are the “slower” days at the parks. (idk why that doesn’t include Wed. :crazy_face:).

So, out of your days I’d vote for Tuesday.