HS Offsite Rope Drop?

If staying off site, driving, and parking, is it worth attempting to rope drop at Hollywood Studios this August? What time should we arrive at the parking lot? I’d love to hear about your recent experience!

Welcome to the forum! Recent reports are that the parking lots are opening at 8 for a 9 opening. I would drive and get in the pre-rope drop line. Generally you have to decide if you are starting at Galaxy’s Edge, RnR/ToT, MMRT, or SDD and get in the correct line.

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Over on WDW lines chat, they keep a running spreadsheet of daily park opening times-just ask and someone will post.

Also liners are posting each day what time they are being let in

Good info!


Yes, I confirmed the 8 time before I answered here!

Here is the link to the spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Dljzw8Ma2Kx15idrn_9J7rTY1NaV8JurqRr4C64IDJE/edit

Thanks everyone! Very helpful!