HS LL priority now

I’ve searched and haven’t seen any updates. Has priority/ availability for HS changed since Rockin’ Roller Coaster has been closed for refurb? I was hoping it would be open in June, but not looking good.

Looks like Becky Gandillon’s last Genie+ priority update was March 1 and she usually updates it every 3 months, so a new one should be out sometime in June. RnRC was closed already during her most recent update, but Tower of Terror was still half shut down as they refurbished both drop towers, one at a time, essentially cutting the ride’s capacity in half. Here’s the link:

On the subject of RnRC’s reopening, I just have the feeling Disney is kind of waiting and seeing what is going to happen with the sexual abuse with a minor allegations against Steven Tyler when he was touring in the 1970s.


Based on TD, the past 1 week average is:

  1. SDD (by a good margin)
  2. MMRR
  3. MFSR
  4. TOT
  5. TSM/ASS

Note that these are lower crowd days and #2 through #4 are very similar. Meaning RT’s may be within 20 minutes of each other.

P.S. This is only the Availability Score, and doesn’t factor in the Time Savings or Satisfaction Score like the blog.


Thanks, we have 2 half days planned at HS, 1 just Star Wars and maybe a show or two. The other everything else. TOT and MMRR are top wants since RnRC isn’t an option now. SDD isn’t a must do, so helps. Our days are predicted 8 and 9s so priority will make a big difference.