HS Jedi Training - When & where to sign up

Our family’s 1st visit to WDW is coming up in May. Both my DD7 & DS5 are huge Star Wars fans and Jedi Training is #1 priority for HS. Being that we are 1st timers, I need some advice (on everything Disney, lol), but specifically on when we should get to HS to register for Jedi Training and where do we go/stand in line? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

We were at HS gates by 8:30 for a 9am opening on April 5th. They were letting crowds in for rope drop and CMs had signs directing you towards Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost where the line begins forming. We joined the line right away. It was long but moved at a steady pace. We joined at 8:35 and were done and out of it by 9:22. By the time we were at sign-ups the earliest show available was 1:10pm but we wanted an evening show so it worked out perfectly for us.

I would recommend coming as close to 8am (or whatever is 1 hr before park opening) as possible to be able to head straight to the line and be done with sign-ups before rope drop.

They did have a CM as you entered the line keeping count of how many kids were being signed up (they would ask you as you joined the line) so they were definitely keeping track and I would assume be able to turn people away once they had reached capacity on the spots available.

Regarding location:
Walk about half way down Hollywood Blvd (the “street” you’re on when you first enter the park).
Take a left towards Echo Lake. Hollywood & Vine will be on your left.
Walk past H&V and 50’s Prime Time.
The Adventure Outpost is just past those restaurants, on your left.

Both times that we’ve wanted to sign up, we went on a bit of a wild goose chase trying to find the location. It was previously in a different location and we ended up double backing to get to it.
I thought it would be helpful to tell you exactly where to find this.

And, as @lolabear_la suggests, get there for pre-rope drop. Give yourself the best chance possible.


When we went to Disney World in February, planning JTA it was the hardest part of my entire trip, primarily because the procedure changes on a daily basis. For us, I had scheduled a pre-RD ADR in order to get into the park early. When we arrived early, we found out we could sign up for JTA before our ADR, so it worked out great for us. Other people have reported JTA signups being let in at the same time as pre-RD ADRs and still others have reported having to be held until the park opens and then sprinting for the sign up.

In general, the best advice I can give is to be at the park as early as you can be. That way, if signups are let in early, you are there and ready to go. If they are not, you’ll have to wait for a while, but you’ll be at the front of the line when the park opens.

For my DS4, “fighting Darth Vader” was the most important part of our entire trip. At the time that we went, people who wanted to fight Vader lined up on the blue dots closest to Echo Lake when they returned for their scheduled show time. I don’t know if that is still the same, but I believe that it is. Everyone standing on the other line of dots will fight Seventh Sister.

Finally, bear in mind that the entire procedure takes close to an hour. You will have to return about a half hour before your scheduled showtime, and the show lasts a little over 20 minutes and then you have to return lightsabers and robes. Keep this in mind when you are picking your time to make sure it works with any FPPs or ADRs you may already have scheduled.

If you have any other specific questions, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

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Thank you for all of the advice!!! Fingers crossed it goes smoothly! I really appreciate the tips!

We just did this last week. Got to HS by 8am for 9am opening. There was already a line for Jedi sign ups. They let us in around 8:25. You go to the Indiana jones gift shop. Had our choice of times (easy to fit into our TP). When we arrived to get Jedi robes, told my son to stand on blue dot by echo lake side and DONT move. These are the kids that fight Darth Vader. The blue dots closest to the brick wall fight seventh sister. All worked out well…