HS: Jedi Training Academy signup possible after rope drop?

Visiting 3/18, crowd level 6 at HS. We will be waking up at hotel near airport, then check-in at our Disney hotel, but no way to guarantee we’ll be there by opening, let alone before.

If we get there, say, 9:30, wait in whatever line is there at that point, and we are super-flexible on times, are we still screwed, good shot of SOME show being available, or could go either way?

Why don’t you go to rope drop before checking into your Disney Hotel?

It’s possible, but if you want the best chance at getting a slot, you should be there before RD. My kids have done it twice. Once on a level 3 or 4 (can’t remember for sure, but crowds were low), and we were there a few minutes after RD and got midday slots with little to no wait in line, and another time at RD when the crowd level was 7 or 8, waited in line 90 minutes, and just managed to eek into the last show. I’d say a crowd level of 6 is a gamble.

Well, we have to get our gear from the airport hotel to the Disney hotel. Maybe we split the party up and I show up with aspiring Jedi to HCS rope drop. rest of the family schleps stuff to new hotel, then meets us? Hm. If we get our Magic Banks in advance, I guess all of us don’t NEED to be at hotel for any reason…?

A liner arrived at 9.05 2 weeks ago and didn’t get a spot Crowd Calender is irrelevant They were offered standby meaning that they had to return at every show to see if there was a place available

Why do you think Crowd Calendar irrelevant? You just mean luck of draw if it’s a madhouse to sign up Jedi Training versus happens to be more mellow?

There are so few places available for Jedi that they fill up before 9.30 every day regardless of crowd calender. At peak times I believe they have done double groups with a second group on the ground in front of the stage but Easter week there was only 1 group at a time. It is more difficult to get a slot on a high cc day as more families hit the queue at rd so on busier day you have to be at tapstiles 45 mins before rd to get a space. On a low crowd day 25/30 mins before rd should put you far enough forward to get a space.

But it could go either way for you Mx

Don’t forget the kids have to be there at sign up

Thanks, all. Sounds not-so-fun. But then if we get a spot, awesome. The Mouse giveth and the Mouse taketh away.

The actual experience was definitely worth it for us. It can be…trying, walking with purpose (not running) to the sign up, waiting, knowing that you are missing any RD benefits at TSMM or RnRC. But the pictures of DS fighting Darth are priceless.

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