HS hours longer in August than July

I don’t know a lot about the Disney tendencies, but it seems as though when they release their hours initially, there’s a good chance it’s going to change as the date gets nearer. As the busier season approaches, the hours often get extended. Take MK for example. The July closing hours were 9:00, then pushed to 10:00 (and fireworks added), and then a few weeks later they pushed their August hours to a 10:00 closing as well.

With HS, I find it weird that their August hours close at 9:00 starting August 1st, but the July hours close at 8:00. I figured it would be the opposite as August seems to be moving away from the summer crowd season and into back to school time.

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While the southeastern US returns to school in August, the northeast still has another month of summer before returning around Labor Day (give or take a week)

Maybe we’ll hear some news soon that fireworks/night show is starting Aug. 1st at HS??

MK hours in August close at 9pm, not 10pm (I think? – just checked)

ETA – I see, first week of August 10pm. But second week 9pm

@len mentioned on this week’s Disney Dish Podcast that fireworks testing at HS might start this week for the return of Stars Wars: Galactic Spectacular Fireworks


This is exactly what I’m hoping for as our trip starts August 1 and I, too, find it strange that HS will be open until 9:00 starting then!


Why in the world would you want to see this. :joy: :wink:


In the past this show was presented at closing time.

HEA starts at 9:15 and EPCOT Forever is at 9:00 in August

I’m actually hoping it will draw crowds away from rides so wait times are lower that last hour or at least half hour! :rofl:

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Fireworks should be returning to DHS sometime in August.

I don’t think Fantasmic is ready yet, I think they’re targeting the 50th for that. So I guess that leaves either Star Wars or something more like the orchestra with fireworks thing they did before.

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I am slightly obsessed by all the times because I am going in August.

On MK 9pm closing nights, HEA is listed at 8:45pm on MDE

On Epcot close at 10pm, Epcot Forever is listed at 10pm. That appears to be Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Mon-Thurs when Epcot closes at 9pm, Epcot Forever times are listed in MDE as 9pm

So, if the HS Star Wars show is at closing, that should mean 9pm, since HS times in August are for 9pm close.

I’m hoping this holds…

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Testing has been pushed back to next week. But it’s likely FW are coming back to DHS in August.


I’m going in August too, so I’ve been watching this all closely as well. I usually go in August. I haven’t seen HEA at 8:45 ever - always after 9. Not that I’m complaining, because Disney days are early, and I will take another half hour of sleep!

And yay for the possibility of HS Star Wars show! Loved, loved watching it. Only saw it once, with dessert party viewing, and man, that was goose-bump-inducing.

yay to all of this!! I’ll be there late august!!

For those who missed today’s announcement amongst lots of others, it’s A Wonderful World of Animation that they’re bringing back.


I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of that show!

Did they announce what time the show will be each night?

All right :slight_smile: Well I guess that answered my question!

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I’ve never heard of this. Is it worth a see?

Ogas has opened up after park close reservations for August. Just got 9:55 pm for our first night and seventh night of our trip!

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