HS Hours Change 29/3 On

HS hours have just changed to 8am from Sun Mar 29th. Does anyone know when FP selections from 8am might be available based on past hours changes?

Have just got off my butt and searched… I found a range of answers:- 5 hours, 24 hrs, 48hrs, 5 days, a week.
I’ll just keep checking! :rofl:

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24 hours!
TSM 8am
AS2 9am
MMRR 10am

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Anyone planning HS from 29/3 - 3/4 FPs are available for Tier 1 rides (mostly in the morning) now!

Totally crying right now that I missed out on MMRR. I have been checking obsessively today but have been driving the last 2 hours. :sob:

I never saw them release 8a fast passes for MMRR and I had been (and still am)
checking pretty regularly. Maybe they still will? (or maybe they aren’t planning to)?

I feel like I read somewhere that the earliest MMRR FPs are 90 minutes after opening to let some of the rope drop crowd get through.
When MMRR FPs showed up for week of 3/29 (after the hours change), the earliest I saw was 9:30. Same with week of 3/22 actually.