HS fpp experience, glitch?

At our 60 day mark, I made a 9:15am fpp for TSMM for 4 of us but it wouldn’t let me add my DS12. So I called WDW & they issued all 5 of us TSMM fpp for 9:30. The one I made was still showing up. I was too scared to touch it. Fast forward to last Thurs, we decided to flip our HS plans & do TSL in the evening & sleep in. I went to concierge to see if they could change our Disney issued fpp. He was able to get us TSMM at 6:45. But the 2 morning fpps were still on our plans. We didn’t get to HS til noon. Used fpp for RnR & Star Tours. Even though we still had 6:45 TSMM, I was able to get fpps for ToT & Muppets. I thought you were suppose to use all 3 before getting a fourth. Was this just a glitch? Just thought I’d share our experience.

by the way, I rolled my eyes so hard when we used a fpp for Muppets & my DH said, I thought we don’t use fpps for shows? I wanted yell, “oh, shut up!” But I restrained.

He’s the one who asked on our 3rd day in the park, when are we going to meet some of the Looney Toons characters?