HS FPP After Rise of the Resistance

Getting ready to book FPP this Thursday for our early December trip. We arrive 5 days after Rise of the Resistance opens at HS. Trying to come up with game plan to schedule FPP, while planning to Rope Drop SWGE. My touring plans is basically saying I’ll only have time for Smugglers Run, Rise, and Lunch before we leave park at 3:15. Anyone else in this predicament? Any ideas, tips, or tricks are greatly appreciated!!


It is tough to predict what will happen in DHS once RotR opens. TP is trying to use historical data from other marquee attractions opening, such as FoP or TSL.

You might be waiting 90 minutes to get on RotR or 3+ hours… It’s just too hard to predict.

It’s best to plan for the worst / longest day and then have it go well with extra free time. Book whatever you think you can do. You can always cancel / modify it later.