HS FP+ Strategy

I’m still struggling up the FP+ learning curve so hoping for feedback from those more knowledgeable. We can start booking FP+ this Wed. Family of 6: 4 kids ages 18, 15, and twin 10s.

We plan to RD at HS both 1/7 and 1/9. I’m thinking we’ll key off getting FP+ TSM and SDD as close to 10am as possible, squeeze in a throw-away VotLM right before/after and put a ST right after that.

So something like this (depending when TSM and SDD are available):

Tue 1/7 CL6 (HS 9am-3pm)
9:40-9:55am FPP+ VotLM (tap in only to clear)
10:05-11:05am FPP+ TSM
11:25am-12:25pm FPP+ ST
Try for any other Tier A FP+s (especially after 12:01 drop)

Thu 1/9 CL6 (HS all day, with possible afternoon break at hotel=Beach Club)
10:30-10:45am FPP+ VotLM (tap in only to clear)
10:50-11:50am FPP+ SDD
11:50am-12:50pm FPP+ ST
Try for any other Tier A FP+s (especially after 12:01 drop)

We also plan to pop into HS just for Fantasmic dinner package on Mon 1/6.

Am I missing anything with the above plans? A couple related questions…

We haven’t been able get Oga reservations for 6. We were able to snag the below but nothing else has been available on either of the above dates. Will I be able to book FP that overlap with the 11am one or do I need to cancel that to get our morning FP? It’s not a high priority for us, but would be nice.
Thu 1/9 11am party of 3
Thu 1/9 2pm party of 3

Is the Frozen SingAlong the only stage show that FP+ gets preferred seating? If rides aren’t available and we use additional FP+ for stage shows, how far in advance should we arrive?

Any feedback appreciated!

No priority seating when we used FPPs for it, no real benefit at all really. They just put everyone together in a big group outside the theatre doors and we all entered at the same time. Fantasmic has priority seating for FPPs, not sure about the other shows as we just walked into those. IJ has loads of seating but fills up quickly!

You will get a warning when booking FPPs that clash with a dining reservation but it won’t stop you continuing to book anyway.

Thanks so much for the info! How far in advance of shows were you arriving? Do you recall what the crowd level was?

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Unlike for attractions FPs, show FPs have a 15 minute return window, and if you fail to arrive in that timeframe they usually don’t allow you in with the Fp and tell you to use standby line (they literally cover the FP/MB readers). Don’t know if it will be the case for Frozen, but usually it’s like that. The return window ends 15 minutes before the start of the show.

Have you looked at https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showpost.php?p=10123554&postcount=1 ? Right now SDD still has morning FPs, but it’s the first day it is available before afternoon. Since you still have to wait one full day before booking on Wednesday, there’s the possibility you’ll not find your desired return window in the morning. When you booking window opens, aim for SDD FP first (unless you have to book FoP for the 6).

Ah, ok. That’s really helpful about the relationship between the show FP times and show starts. Ty!

I’ve been watching the FP availability on both thedibb and here on TP.

Yes, SDD is top of my FP booking list. Will book it as early as I can on Thur. If it’s after noon, we currently have Sat morning uncommitted (departure day) so I might book it then as a fallback and book a different Tier A on Thur and try to sneak in SDD on a FP drop.

FOP is my next FP booking priority, but we aren’t going there until Friday and fewer Tier As at AK, I’m less concerned about getting an early time for that.

Thanks again for your insights! I came into it mentally prepared to book SDD on Saturday instead and that’s what I ended up doing!

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In case anyone stumbles across this thread, thought I’d share my learnings and results.

Data point I didn’t have: Shows that have a one hour return window (ex. Muppet Vision) apparently work just like ride FPs, but shows that have a 15 min return window don’t allow you to book another advance FP immediately after the FP window ends. You have to wait until the related show ends.

Example. I booked 10:05-10:20 FP for VotLM, thinking I could then book TSM at 10:20. But since the VotLM show was 10:25-10:42, the soonest I could book my next FP was 10:45.

That changed my approach and here’s what I ended up with:

Tues 1/7
9am-10am ST
10am-11am TSM
11am-12pm MuppetVision

Thur 1/9
9am-10am ST
10:10-11:10 ToT
11:30-11:45 IJ

Sat 1/11
9:05-10:05 ST
10:05-11:05 SDD
11:20-11:35 VotLM

I’m hoping to grab a SDD off same day FP drop on Tue or Thu to check that off the list and give us more flexibility on Sat but glad to have a safety net.

Sounds like ST may be worth multiple visits, or we’ll just tap in to clear if they don’t want to re-ride.

I confirm it just gave me a warning on the Oga conflict. (And I was since able to get us a party of 6 reservation later in the day so pretty happy about that.)


We will also be at HS on 1/9! Won’t get to book FP til 30 days out, but this was really helpful data to have because I was also considering the feasibility of stacking FP windows a bit for the 15 min shows. Thanks for the helpful info!

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