HS FP Split After SWGE

Obviously the big problem with getting FOP FP is that it’s the only big ride that’s new, and the natural choice for most people between the two tier 1 rides. But that won’t be true for HS. By the end of this year (I think) there will be 3 big new rides. Based on what we know about Runaway Railway and the two SWGE rides, what do you think will be the hardest fp to get? Epcot’s big 3 rides all have 30 day availability, so do you think it’s crazy to think that HS will be the same once all 3 rides are open?

Edited to add: I’m just theorizing here. And thinking very much long term. Like what will HS fps be like in 2023. Not when SWGE first opens.

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I think the two Star Wars rides could be in a tier of their own. And I still think it will be all but impossible to get into Galaxy Edge without one.

Whether they just put everything else together, or create three tiers, I don’t know. It’s possible that Slinky and/or the Runaway Train May get put in with the Galaxy Edge rides.

Either way, the Battle Escape ride will be the hottest FP to get IMO.

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We’re not planning a trip in the near future, so I’m theorizing more about how it will level out than how the mayhem will be in the first year. I guess I should have said that up front.

Your 3 tier idea is interesting. It’s complicated but that sounds like something Disney would do.

My theory is this: It’s going to be so insane for the first 2 years minimum that I don’t have any real plans to get over there in that time. Of course, DH is a SW fan, so that may trump my desire to stay away. But that’s my intent. Which is why we are going to HS in April - it will be our last planned time for some time.

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