HS Fireworks Question


We are going to be at HS all day on Saturday the 30th. We have the Fantasmic dining package and the fireworks are at 8pm. Is there any way to view those fireworks and still make it to the Star Wars fireworks that show scheduled at 8:30PM? We didn’t know about the Star Wars Fireworks until after we had booked our dining package.

Thank you!!


just did this 2 weeks ago. if you sit at the top of the Fantasmic theater, and leave when the show ends, and don’t have to pick up a stroller at the stroller parking, it is possible. I had to get a stroller and missed the start of the fireworks. Fantasmic is better as a show imo.

The Star Wars show is a projection show, with some fireworks timed to go off and appropriate moments. It isn’t a fireworks show as such.

To enjoy it you really need to be able to see the front of the Chinese Theatre. Not sure that trying to rush from Fantasmic is going to give you that all important view. Any chance of returning another night to see it? Otherwise you probably need to evidence which your group would rather see.

If you want to see SW fireworks well you need to line up in front of the Chinese theater at least 30 minutes ahead of time. The show is heavy on projections and light on fireworks. There are lots of trees to block your view of projections if you don’t get there early. Since you paid for the F! dining package, you’ll have great center section seats. Personally, I would just go with F! and try to do SW another time.