HS fastpass dilemma

honestly im struggling here… with the changing of the tier rides… not really sure what to do.
Our HS day is 60 + 3… planning on EEMH… would like to see star wars… but we arent super fans. should we head to galaxys edge first… or head to toy story land… what 3 Fastpasses would you get and why?

Me too. We’re coming after EEMH are over but during a holiday, high crowd time and will be 60 + 1. I just told my kids (who haven’t been to WDW in 4 yrs and were too young for all the thrill rides last time) to choose their top choice and understand it might be the only thrill ride they get to do at HS. They easily chose TOT. So, that’s it. If I don’t get that right away I’ll keep trying.
We have actually not seen many of the shows so will choose things we want to see (B and B, Indiana Jones). I’ve read a lot about people trying all sorts of strategies to get extra tier 1 FP on the day of but I doubt I’ll be savvy enough to do that. Will try though. I have a group of 6 that includes 3 kids and people with minor disabilities. If it gets bad there we’ll park hop or go back to swim at the hotel. Maybe that was more detail than you wanted…it is one strategy. A lot of people will opt for the no FP at HS method: use the FP at a different park and rope drop HS. It won’t work for me b/c my group includes people who won’t rope drop. Good luck!

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I forgot to say that if we can get star tours as a tier 2 fp we will. But I’ve read conflicting things about if it will be offered, plus I know others will probably have grabbed all of those before I get to book. I am persistent though. I’ve managed to get all the ADRs and FP I wanted in the past with dogged persistence of going on MDE whenever I thought of it.

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I don’t know what disabilities you have in your group, but have you looked into the DAS pass? My son is on the autism spectrum and has other special needs, so we use DAS for the rides with crazy long lines–he doesn’t do well with hour plus waits! If anyone would qualify for the DAS pass, the way it works is that you have to wait the amount of time that the standby line is showing, but you don’t have to wait in the actual line. So if SDD has a 2 hour wait, for example, you can spend that 2 hours getting lunch, shopping, or doing another ride or show standby before going back to ride SDD. Up to 6 people can be listed on the DAS to ride with the person who qualifies. In the past my family has been able to mostly use FP rather than DAS at HS, but I don’t know how well that will work once the FP tiers change and GE brings bigger crowds.


Thanks. I will think about it. I may call Disney and ask about our specific situation.

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thanks for your reply… might have to poll the family also and then go with that… weve never been so dont really know what we are missing…

Since you haven’t been that actually simplifies things for you a lot, in my opinion, b/c everything at HS will be new. There are a lot of delightful things in the park that aren’t rides. So, go ahead and FP the tier 1 that most interests you and then the two tier 2 that most interest you. If you find yourselves not having any fun at HS then park hop to another park (if you have a park hopper). If you can’t park hop then have a list of priorities ready and see what you can do. I understand from these forums that single rider line at RNR is good. I really enjoyed the restaurants at HS esp the 50s primetime and sci fi diner. I can’t do thrill rides and still have fun in all the parks.

We were able to get Star Tours as a Tier 2 for our upcoming trip in mid Sept but that was 60+6 so…

It’s our first trip too, but if Tower of Terror will still be operating at half capacity while you’re there and your group wants to ride it, I’d probably try for that as your Tier 1 – it’s still Tier 2 for our trip but was only slightly easier to get than Slinky Dog Dash, and it sounds like they release fewer same day fast passes for it than they do for the Toy Story Land rides. If you don’t want to ride Tower of Terror, I’d try for Slinky Dog Dash, and Toy Story Mania if you can’t get that one.

I feel your pain. We are doing 2 days at HS, which I don’t really think we need (although DS18 says it’s his favorite park). But I’m glad we have them just to have 2 Tier 1 opportunities. Our 2nd day there might be a short-ish day if we are mostly just trying to hit some FP rides.

SDD was not there the last time we went, so that is my first priority but will likely be our 2nd HS day, 60+4.

The first time will be our day 60 (or maybe it will be 60+1, since we are now coming down a day earlier than originally planned… I’m not sure how that will work with my FPP window since we have a separate 1-night room only reservation). But we definitely want ToT AND at least my 2 sons want R&R (I will ride it too but can take it or leave it; dh does not care for it). Since we all want ToT I think we will try to RD R&R, but I’ll have to see how things shape up at HS after GE opens (our trip is January) to really decide for sure.

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I’m trying to decide the same thing. :frowning:

FP day is tomorrow… just went in there to see what it looks like… asking me to link tickets or room confirmation no… will it do that tomorrow or is it like that because my window isnt open yet?

It will open up tomorrow for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

so i wont get that screen tomorrow to link reservation or tickets? wasnt sure thats how it was today because its not open yet.

It’s because your tickets aren’t valid for booking FPs until 60 days out if you’re staying onsite, or 30 days out.

Once your window is open tomorrow, you’ll be able to book.

Assuming that you have linked your reservation and/or tickets, of course.

perfect -thats what i needed to know - this is our first trip so wasnt sure if that was normal etc :slight_smile: thanks!

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This is hit or miss. I have been in single rider for RNR and had the wait be longer than the regular line (many times!)

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Yes I have too.

On our first trip in 2016 we had a total of 5.5 park days: spent 1.5 in MK and one day in the other 3 parks. We left the last day open with a thought to pick the park we liked the most. By unanimous (!) decision we went back to HS. And that was before the Toy Story land opening.

I think if your son is even slightly into Star Wars, it will be worth to come back for the second day. :slight_smile: Oh, and it will give you another Tier 1 FPP!

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We will definitely do the 2 days, for the FPP if nothing else, lol! I’m secretly hoping that maybe on the 2nd day we get early FPP and do them, maybe a 4th, but leave early for resort/pool/rest time. :slight_smile: I don’t have any non-park days planned on this trip, but with 2 days per park, I’m hoping to spread out some “down time” by going back to the resort mid/late afternoon on at least a couple of days.