HS/EP plan help please

I am considering going to HS on Dec 27th and we are staying off site so it’s going to be busy.
Buy genie plus as soon as I wake up.
7am book a show or any ride that I can get for 9:00-9:15am. Also buy a paid fastpass for Guardians at Epcot.
If it opens at 9am, arrive at the parking lot at 7:50am.
At 9am go straight to Tower of Terror and Rock and Rock Roller Coaster
9:15 use whatever I get and then book a throwaway show like Disney Junior that starts ASAP. If the window is 9:45 to 10, do I have to wait until 10 to modify Disney Junior to Milenium Falcon or can I modify at 9:46am?
Then after I check into Millenium Falcon book Muppet Show that starts ASAP and if it is 11-11:15 then can I modify at 11:05 or 11:15 to try for Toy Story Mania or Mickey and Minnie. Then try 1:17 drop for Tower of Terror drop time and then wander around for a bit.
Around 2pm take boat to Epcot and then start getting LL for Disney and Pixar Short Film if it’s quick and then try modify it for anything that we want. Ride Test Track single rider, Spaceship, etc and just keep getting ANY LL we can.

What are my flaws in this/ideas to improve?


Also someone said you can’t use it BG1 what is that?

I don’t understand why you’re booking a throwaway LL and immediately modifying it.

If you want Milenium Falcon and get it for 9:30 and want it later you can modify it to a later time until it pushes back to where you want.

However, return windows are a hour. And you can modify an LL at any time, you don’t have to wait until the return window.

I am trying to see if I understand the rapid stacking method. It may not work anyway, MDE might close the loophole.

For example. If it is 10:45am and I can book Muppets for 11am and it is open from 11 to 12, then I can wait until 12:05 and modify the Muppet LL for Millimium Falcon and the return time might be later and that is ok. Also at 12:05 because the LL expired I can book a 2nd LL.

I am still new and not understanding everything that is why I am hoping you all can provide info so I can fine tune my plans : )

That loophole was closed a while ago.

You can book a further Ll at the earliest of:

  • tapping into the last LL you booked
  • 2 hours after the last LL you booked

By “last LL you booked”, that is not the return time, it’s when you went in and selected it.

It’s only that one that determines when you can book your next one.

No rapid stacking then? I am so confused…I know it might not work, but thought it was working this previous week.

It’s currently working. It was, then it wasn’t. Now it is again. The Advanced thread (in LaCava) lead post has a description and an example of rapid stacking.

If rapid stacking does work then you have to wait until the end of your hour return time to modify it. In your example you were trying to modify whilst still in the return window, which won’t work for rapid stacking. But that might have been because you were thinking the return window was 15 minutes?