Hs emm/ rd?

We are going to HS on our first full day in Feb. I know, FPP will be difficult but it’s also the lowest crowd level the entire trip, by a lot. So, with that being said I noticed today that they are having a hard ticket event, the early morning hours. Thinking that a FPP for SDD will be hard to come by we had plans to RD it. Does the morning event negate that now? Has anyone been to HS since they started this event? Have only done MK and it didn’t really throw a wrench in our plans.

If it’s EMM, my understanding is that it’s a small number of people and RDing is still worth it VS if it was EMH then no.

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yeah, if it were EMH then we’ve be there early for that. But don’t see the pay out for the ticket event for HS since we have little kids and they wont be doing RR and ToT lol Thanks

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Just did this last week. EMM on Monday, and we RD Slinky. They held us out of the queue until 9, but then when we entered, less than 25 min . wait. The line never stood still once we were allowed in the queue. My 4 kiddos were quite pleased be abuse we hopped on alien saucers (15 min) and had FPP for toy story mania after that.