Looking at possible Sept trip with DH and DD’s. Hoping for After Hours or EMM at HS. In having realistic expectations, no way I would get those 3 up and out early enough for ROTR or SR. What are the chances they will have one or both option available by Sept at HS? Thanks!

WDW has been super tight lipped on the future of EMM and DAH at DHS for the foreseeable future. There’s no real info available currently.

If I had to guess it may come back late 2020 once all the new attractions have been open for at least 6 months. (but this is just my guess based on how WDW has handled this at AK. They’ve never had a ride / park so popular that it needed a virtual queue / BGs

Right now, I don’t think anyone has an answer on that. I am hoping for the same when we go in October, but I am currently expecting that EMM or DAH at HS will not be available then (that way I will be pleasantly surprised if one of them is announced). Our current plan is also to skip RofR and MMRR unless FP are offered than and we are able to grab one.

Thanks! Was hoping but they have kept it quiet.

I guess we have the same plan. If somethings announced it will be great and if not we may just skip. Guess I can let DD’s build a droid if not paying for EMM or AH.