HS Day 1 (Day 5 of 10 - 9/9/19)

Quick stats:

  • 10 ppl in group. 2 adults + 8 kids (17yo - 4yo)
  • Off site guest
  • RD (9am) - 8pm touring plan

I had been watching wait times the previous days for SDD and MFSR. We called an audible the night before and changed our plans. Glad we did. Originally supposed to hit ToT because of short wait times. However, ToT and RnRC wait was longer than SDD.

Here is what we did:

  1. SDD - no FPP - wait was under 30 min
  2. Star Tours FPP
  3. Jedi training sign up - lots of spaces available
  4. Launch bay - saw musuem and BB8 MaG
  5. ASS - FPP
  6. Muppets - FPP
  7. Ronto Roasters - good meal, seating is severely limited
  8. MFSR - under 40 min
  9. Jedi Training event - kids fought Vader
  10. Batuu walk around
  11. MFSR - under 35 min
  12. TSMM - FPP
  13. ToT - FPP
  14. Galazy Far Far Away - kind of lame. thought it would be better :frowning:
  15. Woodys Lunchbox - hard to get shade
  16. Oga’s cantina - fun atmosphere. Got a standing section. kind of pain - could not move to a new spot
  17. RnRC x2 (fpp + stand by)
  18. Shopping at Legends

Couldn’t believe the short lines for SDD and MFSR. ASS was good, but glad I had FPP for it. Would not wait over 30 minutes for it though.

When 6yo first watched other doing jedi training, he did not want to do it. After he did it, he asked to do it again. My twin 10yo girls really tried to wallop darth vader :slight_smile:

In the morning, RnRC and ToT had really spiked times while TSL was lower. So I am glad we hit SDD first. Great ride, much better than 7dmt. I had budgeted 60 minutes on our day 2 trip to SDD so getting in/out in just about 30 minutes was awesome.

SWGE: very well themed. Saw Chewbacca and Rey and STroopers walking around, quite a bit so very easy to see them. Pretty cool.

Oga’s drinks were fun. On the ones that are priced with souvenir mug, you can get them without mug pricing (cheaper) in order to try them. We tried all the fun drinks - boba balls, foaming, tingling, etc. It is actually hard to drink from lip of glass with foaming/dry ice ones. you keep inhaling the vapors. :slight_smile: