HS Crowd Level Mysteriously Low in June '20

Hi, all. I’m planning a trip in mid-June 2020 and am stunned to see lots of threes (and even some twos!) among the predicted crowd levels for DHS. Obviously, all the Star Wars stuff will have been open for a while by then, but those numbers seem really low. Can I believe them? (Please say yes!)

I will answer on July 1st. :slight_smile:

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Anything involving DHS that far into 2020 is just speculation. There is no data for how CLs will be affected by both of the rides in SWGE being open. Furthermore, you can’t really “trust” the CLs until you get to about 120 - 90 days in advance… really 60 days IMHO.

I’ve learned the hard way by booking trips eight months to one year in advance based on “low CLs” just to watch them get adjusted the closer the dates get. Nothing make my heart jump as much as waking up to e-mails in my inbox from TP as the day of my trip gets closer. It’s usually bad news. :laughing:

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Yes, I agree so far out – but I know I was looking at THIS past summer’s nubmers and they were way higher throughtout June and July. August was lower all along, but thisyear the june/july numbers are way lower – wondering the touringplan’s reasoning, too.