HS closing early on 12/4

Got a call today from WDW. They asked me if they could move my Droid Depot res for 5:00 on 12/4 to a different day, as they said that the park is closing at 6 that night for a “press event” tied to the ROTR opening. Anyone else heard of this? May want to let the folks at TP know, so they can change the hours for that day (although WDW website is still showing it open until 9).

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I wonder if it’s the whole park or just Galaxy’s Edge that’s closing? Did they say which?

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You can still book the Jingle Bell Jingle Bam Dessert Party, so I would guess just SWGE.


I presume you said, “No way!” :wink:

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So a bit like Pandora on a few days in September / October.

The park hours likely won’t be updated, since everything else will be open.

I actually said yes, as we were hoping to spend that evening in GE - just switched it to a different day.

Just got an identical call regarding my Oga’s reservation at 6pm on 12/4 too—they said they were closing early due to a media event that evening. They moved my ressie to 2:30pm that same day for me (which is the time I’ve been trying to move it to for weeks now anyway).

Gotta be a media event for RotR, right? What else could it be?

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Perhaps it is a media event announcing that RotR would NOT be opening on the 5th as they originally had planned. :wink:

Or a media event announcing that RotR will be opening as planned but only as part of a new, exciting upcharge event opportunity? :rofl:

I wonder if there was actual a availability at the times they are giving out as replacements. Or are they just cramming extra people in already full experiences.

That was my thought as well. Since it’s just Oga’s (and therefore mostly standing room anyway) I didn’t ask. I figure a crowded bar is a crowded bar.

They did offer to move me earlier, to a different day, or give me a gift card as my three options. Maybe most people are moving days or taking the cash?

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Cash does speak to people. :rofl:

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Lol, I really want to do Oga’s so I didn’t even bother to ask how much … my mistake maybe?

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