HS attractions starting at 10?


Normal park hours in June for HS is 9-8pm. I checked this and even May dates are the same (incorrect).

The following attractions I have found have unusual start and end times (10am instead of 9am starting time), and as well unusual ending times (6pm or even 9pm after park closes)…

Lightning Mcqueen: (10am to 9pm)
Walt Disney Presents (10am to 6pm)
Muppetvision (10am to 6pm)

not a big deal, but just to let you know.


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Attractions that are more “show” than ride do tend to open about an hour after park opening and close earlier.

Heck… just this morning Lighting McQueen didn’t even get started until 11am…

Hours of Operation are not usually “set in stone” until about 12 - 15 days in advance. (I’ve learned not to double check right up to about 10 days in advance.

(Heck… Universal changes their hours up to 5 - 7 days in advance! That can get really frustrating!)

For what it’s worth, Lightning McQueen is a very cute show that doesn’t seem particularly popular with the rope drop crowd. I think we were in the first show of the day in 2019 and we waited a while before there were enough people in there to start. So I think those times are probably accurate, if not overly optimistic.

good to know. I kind of figured that, but I only got concerned because Lightning Mcqueen showed a stop time at 9pm when park closes at 8pm, so I wasn’t sure if it was an overall error, and why the other two marked as closing at 6pm?