HS Anomaly Week After Thanksgiving


I was going through the crowd calendar to help figure out our park schedule for our upcoming trip (11/29-12/7) and found that HS is estimated at a 2/10 on Wednesday, 12/1. The rest of the week are 4-6 in HS, which I’d expect but the low number on the 1st caught me off guard.

Obviously, I’d love to switch up and hit HS on the lower day, but I’m also concerned I’m missing something. Any thoughts on why the estimate would be so low on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving? Is there an event or something going on somewhere that I’m missing?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Historically that has been a slow week in WDW. The “ “lull” before Christmas break when kids are back in school. Those numbers may change though. Pop Warner events take place around that time. I haven’t checked that schedule yet. Also D23 events used to happen around that time. I’d have to check that schedule as well.

The Pop Warner kids are staying at Universal this year. First time that I know of at least. So that first week of December which is normally slammed, should be less so.

I’ll be there that week too.

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The first week of December is my favorite time to visit and we have done so numerous times over the years. Pop Warner had very little impact on our visits. Even when we stayed at POR with many of their cheerleaders the only issues we had were some more people in the food court (but still able to get our food and a table), well behaved young people walking around the resort, and fuller buses at the end of the day returning from the parks. None of the impact was worth rescheduling or even choosing a different resort.

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I’m glad it wasn’t worth rescheduling for you.

I wasn’t suggesting that they should reschedule. Merely stating that the location of where they were staying changed.

Sorry it came across that way…totally didn’t mean it to!

My point was that even though the Pop Warner event is considered fairly large and included a significant number of participants, they don’t have that much of an impact across all of WDW.

FWIW, Disney does a decent job at spreading the participants across a lot of resorts and with the competitions taking up most of their time you don’t see many PW young people/families in the parks (sometimes later in the evening). The only major thing we had to work around was the evening they closed DHS.

Interesting that they are switching to Universal. With significantly fewer resorts and less park space I wonder if the impact will be different for non-Pop Warner guests?


Sorry that I came off as snapping!

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I’ll be there that week as well. But I’m a little nervous, as it seems that resorts are booking up.

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I cannot get a studio at BLT or Contemporary to save my life. I’ve had the page up, refreshing several times a day, for the last 2 weeks. I’m hoping that it’s just because it’s being refurbished, but man, this is driving me crazy.

We are staying at ASMo and it is booked up completely. We had reserved last year when we decided to cancel May 2021.

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I don’t really pay attention to the crowd calendars anymore, especially now. Everything is so different and the numbers keep changing.

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See this is my point, a 2/10 at HS doesn’t make much sense if hotels are booking up.

It seems a little early for Pop Warner to be involved, especially as it’s too early for much people involved with that to even know they are going.

Perhaps it has something to do with estimated Christmas Party dates? Since historically there would not be a party on a Wednesday more people would head to MK?

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The CLs are best estimates based on historical data and what’s happening this year. And those CLs do change as your trip gets closer. The actual CLs for your days may or may not be the projected CLs. I know I stressed out over CLs for past trips. But experienced Liners here would tell us to focus more on a good touring plan than on the projected CLs.

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True and I understand that, but my main concern is that I’m missing something along the lines of a major corporate event that shuts down a park early or something like that.