HS and phased closures

Trying to plan my HS fastpasses, over 2 days. The first is a 6am till noonish day. The second I’m hoping to get a later start. I have a 5pm reservation for Hollywood & Vine. So IF they are in the phase that still allows ADR guests in, would I be able to get in at any time or only closer to my ADR time?

If there is a chance of a phased closure, you’ll need to plan to get in earlier rather than later.
Are you staying on property? More so than a dining reservation, that will give you the best chance of getting in.

I am staying on property. Our 1st HS day was supposed to be our rest day, but most of my group are big star wars fans, so I’m hoping we can have breakfast at Boma around 9 on the 2nd day and then head in. It’s end of October so hopefully it won’t still be closing by then, but have to make my fpp reservations before opening day.

If HS does it the way Disneyland is doing it, there will be a pretty controlled situation happening for SWGE. So, knowing that, if guests understand that they need a reservation to get into the land, I don’t foresee closure status going into effect.
Have you heard anything to suggest that HS expects to have to use the closure protocols?

There has been some talk of possible closures, and since Disney feels the need to open HS
at 6 am every morning while I’m there, I feel like it’s going to be insane. Disney said they aren’t doing reservations in Florida, but I’m sure they will have some sort of crowd control measures in place.

Crowd control, right there