HS after close but before Sci Fi reservation - what do you do?

I was excited to get a 7:50 Sci Fi reservation to walk out of an empty park (thinking closing time would extend to 8), but even with extended hours it seems HS always closes at 7pm. Almost an hour between park close and our reservation seems like a lot of time. I can see us hopping on a line just before 7, but likely we’d still have at least 30 minutes to kill just walking around before the reservation, could be cool to walk around GE though without crowds. Are we even allowed to do that?

So, I’d just like to get a perspective of anyone who has done this - did you enjoy the time exploring the empty park?

Yes!! I would plan on doing some shopping if that tickles your fancy. The shops should be open for an hour or so after park close. And GE is stunning at night without guests. I’d plan on hopping in line for MF at 6:59 and then strolling around GE prior to your ADR at Sci-Fi. The Echo Lake area is also really lovely at night.


Get in line for a ride at 6:59. Look around the park and then head to Sci Fi. We were able to be seated a little earlier than our 7:50 ADR

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