HS 4/23 brief report

4/23 HS report!
Arrived at HS 0800, up to the rope 0805 where we met our friends who were staying elsewhere.
RD at 0840 with quite the mad rush to TSL but my friend Mike and I are a formidable offensive line so we are in the queue 0843. On Slinky 0848 and done by 0850. Such a fun ride!
Next we go to Aliens 0855-903 it was still a walk on. Fun but wouldn’t need to do it again.
Jump in line for TSMM from 0905-0940 which would be longest wait of the day. Mobile ordered some poptarts from woody’s, it was amazingly fast!
Maggie (DW) and I then head to RnRC while MiL and DD5 go to Beauty and the Beast show. We have FPP, also took along their bands for a 2nd ride :wink: 1025-1042, 1055-1115 my favorite ride!
Meet up with everyone for ToT which also has FPP. DD5 and I ride it twice, shes so brave! 1130-1155
We then see new Lightnin McQueen show from 1210-1225, it’s funny and cute kids enjoy it.
Next Tot ride 1233-1250 DD5 rides again after saying she wouldn’t since her friend who’s 8 went too!
Watched march of the 1st order at 1300 then stopped for lunch at ABC Commissary 1340-1400. At the 1201 FPP drop I modified our slinky up from 1420 to 1340 so we got on it a bit earlier! At the 1401 drop I got Sliky again for 1615!
We go to Indiana Jones show 1450-1530 it’s good but just not as awesome as how I remember it from when I was a kid lol
Back to Slinky at 1615-1620 then we hustle to the Frozen show from 1630-1700. Got FPP for Star tours so hit that next 1710-1735
Then to Backlot Express to try chicken and biscuits. Pretty good and with dinning plan we get cocktails!
By now its after 1800 and everyone pretty tired and DD5 wants to swim so we catch the waiting bus to Pop and call it a day!


Thanks for the update. Curious when RD is actually occurring so this is helpful.

If youre at the taps by 0800 you’ll be in great position for RD!

I have FPP for SDD so I’m thinking I could come a bit after.

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wow, way to conquer TSL and get those drop times!

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The FPP drops are at 1201 & 1401? I thought it was at 1431?

I saw drops at 931, 1201 and 1431