HRH or RP?

Which is most preferred? We have a middle and high schooler who like to swim while the parents like to relax after coming back from the park. Suggestions?

Without a doubt Hard Rock Hotel

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We prefer Hard Rock, both for the rock vibe, bigger rooms, and a better pool in my opinion. There is a pool slide as well. Plus location, location, location…Hard Rock has the best (closest to parks). The pool at RPR seems more geared towards younger kids and is very shallow. My teens would always choose Hard Rock.

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Here’s why I prefer it and I also have a middle schooler and high schooler. There is a slide for the pool and rock and roll stuff everywhere. My sixteen year old plays guitar and you can check out stratocasters and the like. It’s a much more teen theme. The rooms are bigger and I prefer the decor and the shortest walk to the parks. Hands down it wins for me and though I prefer portofino as a hotel as well (I’ve stayed in all three) I always choose HRH for the shortest walk alone.

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One last note: If you do choose HRH cut through the pool for the 5 min walk to the parks.

Definitely HRH. Your aged children will like the pool at HRH much better. And I think they will like the overall vibe at HRH more.

HRH theme is brilliant for teens.

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How big is price a factor for you?

Price is pretty close for my dates.

If they’re close then do HRH. It’s the closest in walking distance to USF and equally as close to IOA.