HP touring question

My husband and teen daughter are going to Lyft over to US from WDW to visit HP. I love planning all the details for our Disney trips but have had no motivation to do their US stuff. So, please hit me with your suggestions. They’ll have park to park tickets and 2 days to tour. If time allows they might try to do a couple other things. What are your favorite things? They will be there 8/15 and 8/16. Which park should they start in? EST tie. To arrive for RD? They won’t have the express pass. Should they go after dark one night?

I love the WWoHP. Since you’re not staying onsite you want to do RD. If you want to follow trip as a Hogwarts student, start in UF to London (Diagon Alley) do Gringotts. Then head to the train and go to IOA, Hogsmeade. For these attractions you will want to do the regular queues because of the storytelling. The rest of the park rides you can do SR lines if the lines are too long without EP. You can enjoy the areas after you finish the rides in WWoHP. The show Tales of the Beetle the Bard are entertaining and rotate with different stories. At Olivanders you can purchase an interactive wand to use in both areas, see TP You Tube Video. Also the train you will get a different experience going the other way. The food in the area is the best, Butterbeer! TP does offer TP for this as well. Enjoy!

With two days and P2P tickets they can pretty much do everything at UOR, not just the HP lands. TP has many ready-made UOR touring plans, including 2-day plans - check them out!


Are they BIG HP fans or are they just doing it because you’re already down there?

USF / IOA is a different planning situation. The parks aren’t as big as WDW. You can do everything in each park over 2 days. A touring plan for Universal is more like a checklist. It may be easier to tell you what to avoid -

Avoid - Shrek 4-D / Race thru NY w/ JF / Fast & Furious / Fear Factor Live! / Jurassic Park Discovery Center /

I will say don’t skip - The Cat in the Hat. If you love that book, it’s such a cute retelling with all practical effects - no screens.

Also, all the water rides are great. However, they are guaranteed to get you soaked. No joke! I’ve never been wetter on any log flumes / raft rides. Universal intentionally hoses every rider. It’s fun, but be warned! =)

I agree, but like doing Race Through New York, Fast and the Furious, and when we have enough time Shrek. I agree with skipping the Visitor’s Center and Fear Factor.

I would like to also add to make sure to see the Horror Make Up Show. It is by far the best show, and have to see it EVERY trip!

So true! Totally forgot.

I actually do like Fast & Furious. However, I’m a fan of the movies. Plus, everyone told me how “bad” it is. So the first time road it I had no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Of the three rides that use the same system (Race thru NY / F&F / Kong) Kong does it the absolute best.

I will say I don’t wait in the standby queue for F&F. I always take the VIP entrance!