HP touring plan that goes between parks

So we are going to have four days at Universal but the primary reason we are going is because of Harry Potter World. I want to make a touring plan that goes between parks so we can have the full experience but I dont see that as an option. You have to choose one park per day???
We are staying on property to have the extra hour admission in the morning. We want to do the Harry Potter experience chronologically- start at Diagon Alley and then go over on the train to Hogsmeade. We want to go early in the morning, then escape the park mid day and come back at night.
I just cant figure out a way to do a touring plan for this. Tips? Help?

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Last time we did it I had to do two separate plans, one for each park. We made the park with early admission our first plan and then started the other plan from the Hogwarts Express and at the time the first plan ended it worked great.

You need to make multiple touring plans to do all of HP in a day. If you take a look at the pre-made TPs for UOR you will see several examples of sets of plans that do this.

I ultimately found the touring plans for Universal unhelpful. Times were never accurate in the app, and the ability to do a single plan across parks was not possible. My wife and son used the Universal app. I used the TP app for Universal. Their wait times were almost always accurate. Bit in the TP app, they were almost never accurate.

By day three of our trip I gave up using the app entirely other than to spot check wait times. My family started making fun of me because of how off it was.

I am going to use TP for our Disney trip…just think it isn’t helpful for Universal at this point.

As others have said, you need to do two separate plans. It’s actually quite easy. Using the premade Wizarding World in one day plans, for the first plan, put you start time as whatever time you want to arrive. Evaluate it. When it shows you the end time for the morning portion, use that time as the start time for plan two in IOA. Optimize plan two. See what time it says you should be done with plan two. Whatever amount of time you spend in IOA will be the same amount of time as your break in plan one. Once the break time is entered in plan one, evaluate, NOT optimize, plan one again. You are done! I know it sounds complicated, but it’s really not!