HP photo reservation change. HELP!

So we signed up for the HP package at Universal, which came with a ShutterBug session. Our travel agent Small World Vacation, suggested a time and we said fine. However, as we plan our trip more, and realize park hours changed, it would actually be more convenient to visit Shutterbug on a different day.

Our agent said they called several times to change the SB reservation, but they were consistently told if we changed the time they would need to rebook our whole reservation, and we would lose the promotional rate at the time we booked. Our agent suggested we visit SB when we visit, and try to change the time.

This seems completely ridiculous and unacceptable to me. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. The last thing i want do is take time out of park activities to attempt to change this reservation.

Has anyone had any similar issues and have any suggestions on reaolvong resolving them.


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We did the Shutterbuttons package last year (July 2023) and didn’t book in in advance. We just turned up when we were ready to do it and did it then.

The staff in the shop were great. If you can’t speak to them, I suggest just speaking to guest services at City Walk or either park entrance and see what they can do.

I hope you can get it sorted :crossed_fingers:t3:

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You should be able to change your date / time. Do you have your package confirmation number? Some times you may get a TM on the phone that doesn’t know how to do the change. This happened to me last year with an HHN ticketing issue. If you are polite and ask to speak to their supervisor you will get someone who knows how to do it. Your TA, IMHO, doesn’t appear to have tried very hard… (sorry!!)

Guest Services = (407) 224-4233

However, if you don’t want to call, you can literally walk into the shop and spend 5 minutes (or less) just speaking to the TM at the shop. Shutterbutton’s is a very neat offering of the WWOHP. However, it is so rarely used / promoted that anyone can walk-up and do photos with no issues. Reservations are “nice” to have, but not required. Changing your time is no issue… I know that will take away a couple minutes of time from fun stuff. However, you can do it while the family takes a bathroom break and be done before they get back…

If you are staying on-site each hotel has their own “Guest Services / Will Call” desk in the lobby. They are called the “Vacation Planning” desks. You can get tickets and other issues resolved there. (No every issue, but most!)

You’ll be fine! I know how exciting and anxiety inducing vacations can be! This is an easy fix! You got this!!

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Thanks for the advice, and good to hear the issue isn’t that ShutterBug is incredibly booked up so should be easy to move if we talk to the right individual. I don’t want to throw my TA under the bus, who has been really helpful and said they called 4 days in a row and got the same answer.

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