How'd you get your BOG Dinner ADR?

We are 27 days out. I made ADRs at 6am on 180 and was unable to get dinner at BOG. Been checking multiple times almost every day since and no luck. frowning Anyone have luck finding BOG Dinner right before their trip? Getting a little discouraged. frowning

Looking for party of 4 on 9/20. I've searched for 3 and 5 also.

Definitely keep trying. With the 24 hour cancellation policy you may find something even just the night before. Plus keep an eye on the listings here for people giving up ADR's.

Have you thought about a lunch fpp? Other than the beast meet, lunch is just as good

I got mine for our trip last February about 2 months out. Disney randomly opened a whole block of ressies all at once. Nobody ever knew where they came from, but I bet 90% of them were snatched up by Liners, because the first Liner to see them told everyone on Chat about them. That was the first time I really understood the value of this community.

I had a similar experience as @SallyEppcot - they opened up another room for dinner not too long before our trip last summer, so we got a ressie just a few weeks beforehand. I'd keep looking - and keep varying the party size as you've done. Good luck!

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You could try a ressie watch . . .

Would cost a little, but might be worth it to you.

Trying this for BOG, never heard of before. Thanks!

Trying for dinner for 1 between sept 17 to 22! Let me know...