How'd we do

In the four main parks (we didn’t go to the water parks) we rode all but 9 rides not including the ones that we’re closed. We also did like 9 character greets.I don’t think that’s too bad.


The question is, did you have fun? If so, you did great! If not, the obvious solution is…book another trip and try again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But how much did you eat? :rofl:

Sounds like a great time!

Oh, gosh, yes, yes! (Y’all are bad for my unhealthy obsession with Eating All The Things.)

It depends…

did you miss SDD, MFSR, TSM, EE, 7DMT, BTMRR, Soarin;, or FEA?

The only big headliners we missed were ROTR because none of us had enough energy to get up at the crack of dawn and FOP. I and those in my party had no desire to do FOP for a variety of reasons that I’ll not mention so I don’t know as we missed it so much as chose not to get FP for it.

Not much apparently. I’ve lost 9 pounds.


You could have eaten so much more poutine!

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Umm so so to be honest. It was a CL 10 basically the entire time we were there. I mean…it was what it was lol.