How will you be traveling differently?

We’ve talked about the potential changes Disney may implement to keep us safe, but how can we all change our habits at Disney to keep us safe?

In thinking of our September trip (which is our reschedule from our April 25th trip), I asked my 4yo daughter this question. She said we should wash our hands and cough in our arms, but as she was saying this, she was touching her face repeatedly :wink: So, we had a talk about that. There are some of these things that we need to work on for wherever we are in public; but I’m wondering, are there any “unique to a Disney vacation” precautions that you will be taking? For example, I’m thinking we need to not touch things in the queues and probably hand sanitizer after every ride.

If you’ve previously caught an illness at Disney, were there any things that you can think back on like “yea, that’s where I probably kicked it up”?

Thanks all for your ideas and stay healthy!

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We have always done this (I am a nurse and a bit of a germaphobe). I’d say it works well, though my son always seems to get some sort of 24 hour bug at Disney regardless. He is never sick at home, so it is annoying but happens almost every time we travel. For him, the biggest thing I notice about his behaviors versus the rest of my family…he often touches more things, and often is the one with his fingers in his mouth or nose. He is 16 now, so it is quite a bit better but yet he still got a 24 hour stomach bug last April at WDW.

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We also had that one kid who always threw up once each trip to WDW - usually in the middle of the night. After awhile I wondered if it weren’t some sort of stress thing.

I feel that railings anywhere are my personal source of germs. At WDW there are so many hand hold places in and out of rides. I’d almost rather de-germ upon exiting the park if I could be sure to keep my hands off my face.

Which is the rub. :wink:

Edited to add: at Disney I might think about wearing gloves for two reasons. Keep the sun off my hands and maybe be reminded to keep the gloves away from my face.

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I don’t see myself doing anything differently. I’ve never been one to worry about germs and I don’t see that changing. On our first trip my oldest threw up twice, but I believe that was due to rides and dehydration (he is very prone). On our second trip nobody got sick while there, but we did have a stomach/respiratory thing that began about 7 days after we got back. Could have been something we picked up at Disney, on the plane, or even once we got back. I really have no idea.

ETA - we suck at handwashing, but my kids, even my 2 year old, are all over the cough into your elbow thing.


Well I will stop licking the honey walls.

Ok so seriously, I do not expect for me to change much of my travel habits. I am not a germaphobe, I remain cautious, but overall I do not want to sanitize everything and wash every time I touch something. I believe that part of being better able to fight off infections, is to not go crazy trying to avoid infections.

Sure be smart. If I am sick, do not go out. Cough/sneeze into my arm. Don’t be an ass.



Exactly! Why is that so hard for some people?


When my oldest DS was younger he would touch everything. He would drag his hands down walls, chairs, etc. I think it was a texture thing. I always told him to stop. He was always touching his face due to his allergies. I believe his allergies and touching everything constantly caused him to be sick at WDW.

Right now, I am basically not going anywhere. Over the past 6 weeks, I have realized how much I tended to touch my face. That is an unconscious habit that I am going to try to break. We have been very fortunate to not have gotten sick in the past when traveling. But, if we get to go to WDW in December, we have totrain DGD4 and DGD2, at time of travel, to keep their hands out of their mouths.

Apparently you want the sun on your hands. New info presented today (well, Thur) at WH press briefing.

Summer=with summer equivalent sun UV exposure


Dang it! Catch-22 for certain.

Humid sun will produce a rash . . .

Oh but wait - if I’m reading the chart correctly, only a few minutes are necessary? :sunglasses:

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With masks and gloves, we are going to have some great tan lines :wink:


This is good news, thanks!

Not trying to become a germaphobe. Just trying to amp up my awareness and act more consciously.

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Thanks all! While many of these tips are obvious for daily life, I want a list of things to help teach the kids. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Boost our immune systems. Get more diligent with vitamins and fluids.
  2. PPE. Face masks and/or gloves.
  3. Stop touching our faces.
  4. Use hand sanitizer more (especially after touching surfaces and rides).
  5. Hand washing before (and after) eating. Kids should practice using silverware more for finger foods.
  6. Wipes for surfaces. Wipe down stroller handles as needed.
  7. Showers immediately after visiting the parks and swimming.
  8. Wash toys used in public.
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I can go for using hand sanitizer after rides and washing my hands more frequently. I cannot imagine wearing a face mask or even gloves at WDW during much of the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The heat and humidity, without the mask, already caused me to wilt in the Summer and even some days in the late Fall.

But I also got Influenza A at WDW in December.

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If gloves will keep you from touching your face as much, but otherwise I haven’t seen much recommending them unless you are changing them extremely frequently. Wearing the same pair of gloves for prolonged periods really doesn’t do much.

My understanding is doctors change them in between every patient to keep from spreading germs between patients and during specific procedures where they are immediately discarded afterwards.

This article uses links to CDC guidelines to support their points.

We probably won’t change a whole lot. Although after reading how gross people are in planes, I’ll be wiping out seat areas down. In the parks, we typically use hand sanitizer and wash our hands. We also cough and sneeze into our elbows (although my youngest sometimes gets caught off-guard by a sneeze). We have never gotten sick during or before a Disney trip at this point. Not saying it will never happen, just that we must be at least half-decent at keeping ourselves clean.

I’ll be injecting myself regularly with bleach. Kill that virus stone dead.


100%The gloves keep me from touching my face. Aside from just the claustrophobia issue, having to wear a mask will guarantee me touching my face 1000x more than I already do (too much). I’ve worn n95 type masks and the cheaper versions. I’m adjusting every five seconds.

And no way I could wear gloves that are protective for hours on end in the heat. Or masks.

I have been using alcohol based hand wipes for over 15 years. Especially when in a situation such as an amusement park. So that wouldn’t be any different for us.

Hand sanitizer stations should definitely be at the end of rides.

I could have written this.
I was pricing cruises last night but again decided to remodel the bathroom. LOL


Amen! This is the philosophy we live by in my house. A strong immune system can handle a lot more than people give it credit for.