How were the crowds over spring break? Predictions for Beginning of Summer?

How were the crowds this spring break? My friend who went said they were really high crowds, but what did the data say?

What do you think the predictions are for the end of May beginning of June?

I can’t answer the first question but I would count on 10s to be honest for most of this year and be pleasantly surprised if it’s lower. Revenge travel is intense everywhere right now but especially at WDW.


You can check out the actual CL’s in the historical data. You can pick the month and then the date, to see how the predicted vs actual turned out. Actual spring break dates vary, depending on the school, state, Easter, etc.

We live here and our spring break days in the park didn’t really “feel” any more crowded than it has felt the last couple of months. That being said, it has “felt” pretty crowded the last couple of months. But as said above, plan on huge CL10 crowds and be pleasantly surprised if they are lower.

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Also, as previously said, “spring break” can vary across school districts. I’d look at the “how we did” data starting at the beginning of March all the way through mid-April…it’s definitely not over yet!

Block out week for FL Gold APs is April 9-22

FL Pixie AP. Disney likes to block locals from busiest times. BTW the military salute tickets always end 10 days before Christmas; blocked out Dec 17- Jan 1


The beginning of June will be blackout dates for most AP holders though right? Maybe that will help a little?

June/July is only blocked out for the legacy Silver APs. And those are replaced w/ the new APs at renewal. If someone has an old unactivated AP I believe they are directed to choose a new AP type upon activation. The new FL Pixie AP (sold only to FL res) is the most restrictive w/ all weekends & holidays blocked. Basically the new APs are not very restrictive or not as restrictive as in the past. Admissions & Blockout Dates Calendar | Incredi (

oh darn…I don’t know why I thought the new APs had the summer blocked.

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:laughing: I was surprised too, but most locals try to avoid the parks in the heat of the summer anyway. I think… I do :wink: