How to use uber or Lyft from sna to hotel?

I’ve never used uber or Lyft myself.

How do I get an uber or Lyft at SNA to go to my Disneyland hotel?

1- when do I request the ride?

2- where do I go in the airport?

3- is uber or Lyft better?

I think it’ll be easy requesting one from the hotel for the return because how many cars will be at that hotel at that moment in time VS the airport where there’s so many cars and different areas.

No clue what I’m doing really! Haha

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It’s really really easy!

Do you have the app? Download the app for the company you prefer. I use Lyft because I like the safety mechanisms it offers, like sharing your route with someone.

Once you download the app and set up your payment method, open it and it should be easy to see where to request a ride. You’ll tell the app where you’re starting from (and it will probably see where you are based on GPS), and then it will ask where you are going. In your case it will be SNA (it may ask for a door location - there will be signage to make that clear for you) and Disneyland Hotel.

Once you confirm the start and destination, you may also have the option to choose the kind of ride you want (basic, larger, premium, etc). Then the app will locate a ride for you and you just wait and watch for the car (they tell you what kind of car and who the driver is once they locate it for you).

You might find it a little less intimidating if you try a test ride at home to somewhere close by/familiar.

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I don’t have the app yet, but I should probably download now and play around with it!

Will it be obvious where i should wait for the car pickup at the airport? With signage or something?

Thank you!

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Yes rideshare is often near bag claim. There will be signage

I just did this 3 weeks or so ago. Very easy. SNA is a small airport and there are lots of drivers usually in the area, or very near. It’s also a quick trip to the hotel because of carpool/express-lanes.

I usually use Uber (unless I’m at WDW, for some strange reason) and have no issues so far. Every ride I’ve requested is no more than 12 minutes away, and the ride to the hotel is 35 minutes or less, unless there is an accident. I usually make it in about 20 minutes or under.

SNA and an Uber is how I’ve done DLR the last 10 years and I wouldn’t change a thing. (I grew up in that area)

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Ride share pick up is in the parking garage at SNA. Follow the signs.