How to use my last few points before they expire. (13 Points)

I have 13 points that can not be banked and must be used before March 30. 2024. How can I see dates and available rooms with the points needed to reserve? I am not even sure there is a room in WDW that goes for 13 points or less. Any advice from the folks on touringplans?

Are they your points? You can log on to your DVC account and search for dates at all resorts. When you get results, click on a specific room to see the calendar for that month with all availability and points. You can toggle forward or back to see other months’s availability.

You can definitely get a room at SSR or OKW for 13 points. And you can always buy an extra point or two if you need to. I think they’re $20/point right now.


I think you can buy up to 24 pts in any given use-year.