How to use Lines app for FP?

Our other visits were when you had to do additional FP on kiosks…so, I have no experience with using my phone to book 4th and later FP. I now have the updated MDE on my phone, the Universal app as well, and Lines. I got the impression that people were booking FP through the Lines app but I don’t see how it does that. Am I wrong? Or were they just checking availability and then using MDE to get the actual FP? That seems more plausible to me. Please let me know…this is pretty confusing to me. I just don’t use my phone for that much stuff like everyone else in the world. :slight_smile: But I want to be successful at booking FP in the parks. It sounds from what I’ve read on the forum that once my group taps in at a ride I should immediately get on the phone and find out next FP. I want to be able to do that, and I’m the only planner in the group.

You will book it through MDE. As soon as you tap in to your third FP start searching for your fourth etc.

Ditto to the above. If you have date date sensitive tickets so are unable to see what it looks like yet, hope on YouTube. If you just search booking disney fastpasses on your phone, you’ll find lots of video demonstrations so you can get an idea of how it works.

Exactly right! Just grab the best/soonest one you can and then go right back on and start trying to modify it to be sooner (they don’t show you all the available times at once,and the number of people changing FPPs throughout the day means new ones are popping up all the time).

The lines app is more for use before FP day so you can see what days have availability. I wouldn’t waste time looking at it on the actual day.

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The Lines App only shows you wait times and helps optimize your premade plan.

You can only get FPP through MDE.

You can get your 4th and more FPPs the moment you tap into your 3rd FPP and after you tap in to each following attraction. I do this sometimes, but have discovered that I miss out on a lot of quality time with my family talking & such while in queues because me face is always staring at my phone trying to get more FPPs (but that’s a whole other thread!)