How to use FPP

Still in awe of how much I have had to learn to get up to speed for our first WDW trip. Now I am wondering how I can make sure not to waste FPP. We have 2 grandmother’s traveling with us who will likely sit out many of the rides. I have currently booked our 60d FPP for our party of 7. To keep it simple, I booked all 7 of us for the same FPP. So if I have 2 people sitting out rides, how can we use those FPP? At the least, 2 others can take the grandma’s MB and ride the scheduled FP. Any other options? Thanks!

See this thread here… it shouldn’t be a problem:

I would also imagine, that you could book the grandmothers’ FPP for other attractions as well. Say 7DMT followed by Peter Pan… just switch and maximize use. That would be a lot of planning however…