How to use a custom optimized touring plan and day of additional FP+

Need some advice and direction…

We have been to Disney world plenty of times but never used a touring plan. I would like to make a custom optimized touring plan. However, I have been reading on this forum and other articles about how to really work the FP+ system by modifying and getting quite a few additional FP besides your original 3 FP. How can you utilize a custom optimized touring plan and take advantage of using a lot of FP+ the day of? I figure the plan will optimize with my original 3 FP but what if I’m in MK and can get a bunch of other FP? Example… what if the plan tells me to go do Pirates of the Caribbean but I look in MDE and I can get a FP for Big Thunder right away. Shouldn’t I take that FP? Won’t that mess up my touring plan for the day. Maybe I am over thinking this. Thanks for any input!! :slight_smile:

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I tend to only do a TP until around lunchtime (if rope dropping of course). I include the FPP I pre-book and any rides that are must do’s. Other than that I will add things I want to do to my plan but don’t necessarily do them in that order. I really just use the touring plan as a list of things to do. I usually just get whatever fast pass is closest or soonest and go from there.


You can then add the FP you can get and re-optimise in the park. As long as you mark things as “done”, that then gives you a new plan based on each FP you end up being able to get.


Both give you sound advice. There are certain rides you can almost always get day of FastPasses for. This might help.

I suggest you do your important attractions in the morning including first 3 FPP then lust some other attractions and just stick in the FPP in your plan assuming you’ll get it. In MK, you should be able to get PM FPP for WtP, IASW, UTS, POC, Magic carpets and Dumbo.

At Epcot, the Tier 2s are easy to get and sometimes Soarin in the afternoon.

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I have done what @Nickysyme said. I also (because I’m a research nerd and remember most of what I read) feel like I have a pretty good idea of the general pattern that TP suggests - how to zag while others zig. So when it is just me and DH, I go completely rogue after my first three and pull FPPs as we want them - using the tricks and working our way through the park in a way that makes sense.

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