How to surprise newlyweds with a gift on-property

A dear past student of mine is honeymooning in WDW later this month, and for her wedding present, I’d like to surprise her and her husband with a bottle of wine for one of their dinners. I have the names of the restaurants they’re dining in, as well as the dates for each, but really not sure how to approach Disney with this request. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’m not looking to do Disney Floral stuff (i.e. in-room champagne delivery) as I’ve done that before and would really like to surprise them in the restaurant.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

I did read a post from someone who had phoned V &a A and arranged to pay for a meal for family members, leaving his credit card on file.

I suggest phoning one of the restaurants direct with the details and ask if you can pay for a bottle of wine in the same way. They could then be told " Aahughes has gifted you a bottle of wine, many congratulations".

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Agreed with @Nickysyme. Contact the restaurant directly - they can do something.

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