How to split Fast Passes?

I’m sorry if this topic is already answered somewhere, but I can’t find the information. I was able to get all the Fastpasses we wanted last night (happy dance!), but I want to split some of them. At Epcot, DH and DD15 want to ride Test Track & Soaring, but DD13 and I do not. I wanted to use our Tier 1 FPP to get two for TT and two for Soaring so they could ride both with our bands and theirs. How can I separate our FPP?

Thank you!

Can’t you just “select Fast Pass party” and only choose yourself and DD13 for Soaring and then go back and select DH and DD15 for TT? I just logged into MDE and it gives me the option to only select part of my party when making FPs.

That’s the answer; just select the members of your party for the FPP that you want.