How to spend 2ish UOR days (HP focus)?

We will be switching from our Disney hotel to UOR hotel, and will have the following calendar:
Wed-AK until mid afternoon, move to UOR hotel
Thurs-All Day at UOR
Fri-All day at UOR (park closes at 6pm)

How would you recommend allocating our time? We will have APs/Park Hoppers and I would like to spend a at least a full day at WWOHP, but am also wondering what other rides are must dos for my kiddos (age 11). We are big Harry Potter fans, so I want to make sure we don’t miss anything there and have plenty of time to explore and reride, but I want to make sure we ride some of the must dos in the parks separate from HP. I also know that we need to build some down time at the resort pools, etc. This is at the end of our week long trip, and I could easily wear us out if I don’t plan well. :tired_face::smile:

Promise I’m also doing research, but this is a trip planned with a shorter planning window than I’d prefer (still so grateful and excited!), so I’m more crunched on reading about all of the rides, outside of Disney and WWoHP.

ETA: Staying on property at deluxe hotel, so we’ll have park hopper and express pass.

What kind of APs and what resort? Do either include express pass?

Sorry, should have included that. Regular seasonal APs but we are staying at Portofino which includes Express Pass.

Qanat reason you are not going to a park on arrival day? I would say: Spider-Man, Hulk, Rip Ride Rocket, Kong, and Mummy (more than once) are all must do attractions. I would also plan on the Horror Makeup Show.


Thank you! We totally can and are open to it. I think for arrival day I’d like to have a plan for some rides if everyone is eager, but be open to the pool and resort time since we will have RDd that morning, and plan to RD early admission the next day.

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With express pass you have the luxury of being able to do anything you want! I don’t think you will feel rushed. Enjoy!

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If you are HP fans, make sure you catch the Hogwarts castle light show at night. Looks like Thursday would be your only chance to see it since parks close early on Fri.


Is there a schedule for the Hogwarts Castle light show? I am wondering if we will catch it while we are there in June. I could only find a schedule on the Universal website for April.