How to schedule different FP+ at the same time for different family members

I’m trying to do something with FP+ and having some difficulty. I’m making FP+ for myself and one other family member that I will be traveling with. I’m the “primary” user on My Disney Experience so I am scheduling the FPs for both of us. I am pregnant so there are some rides I won’t be riding, but my family member WILL. For some of those rides, I’d like to schedule a different FP for myself at the same time.

For example,
One FP for her: Space Mountain 9-10am
FP for me (same “window”): Buzz Lightyear 9-10am

Is it possible to do this? I have been playing around with MDE and haven’t found an easy way. It looks like once I schedule a days’ worth of FPs for both of us at the same time (i.e., we both have Space Mountain as a 9-10am FP), I can go in and cancel MY FP, but the only way I can tell for me to rebook a separate time FP is to rebook ALL my FPs, which then might not be scheduled at the same time.

Does this make sense? I feel like there should be an easy fix for this (and maybe there is) but I can’t find it. Thanks!


You can select change experience and just choose yourself and deselect all the others.

Also, when you are making new FPPs you can just select people individually.

It’s not working for me that way, or maybe I am doing something wrong. I created a day of “dummy” FPs to try it out (we have APs, so I will cancel them).

I made FPs for me and my husband. I then clicked on “Change Experience - Update FP”. I then clicked on the date. The list of my FPs comes up. I click on “change experience” for one, and it takes me to a list of available attractions. There’s no option to just choose myself. It’s changing the experience for everyone else in my party.

Any suggestions?

The only way I can figure is just to make separate sets of FPs and try to get the times to line up.

I think initially you will need to pick one fast pass for everyone. Then you can go to “update/change”. I was able to select which members I wanted to change then I could click continue and then select the new fast pass for those people. i am going off sheer memory from when I did this back in December, so my steps may not be in the correct order, however, I was able to select which members I wanted changed

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I just did this the other night, and kfisher11 is right, that’s the way it works on a computer. The app might be a bit different, but it works the same way.

For us, its a couple of the kids & my in-laws won’t be riding Space Mt, so I set them up to do Buzz while the rest of us do Space.